D.1Comparative Analysis of AlgorithmsPublic Deliverable1.0:pdf:
D.2Project websitePublic Deliverable1.0:pdf:
D.3ALiterature Review: Logistics – Dynamic RoutingPublic Deliverable1.0:pdf:
D.3BMarket research of modern routing and fleet management systems in a Logistics environment Public Deliverable1.0:pdf:
D.4Visits to logistics companies, round tablesPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.5Taxonomy analysis - correlation in the sense of neural networks Research on the possibilities of using algorithms from existing applicationsPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.6Publication in an international journalPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.7Participation in a ConferencePublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.8ΑVisits to logistics companies, round tablesPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.8ΒDiagnostic control of routing issues in Logistics companiesPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.9ΑDesign specifications/requirements of Logistics and customer service for the development of the dynamic routing algorithm Public Deliverable1.0 :pdf:
D.9ΒHopfield MODEL DESIGN with its modified function and dynamic behaviorPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.10DaysPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.11Analyze scenarios through example templates to optimize its performancePublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.12Control and Validation of vehicle routing on the road networkPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.13FEASIBILITY STUDYPrivate Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.14Invitation to Participation Day Public Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.15Publication in the pressPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.16Days in 5 chambersPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.17Platform development report for specialized applicationsPublic Deliverable - :pdf:
D.18Dissemination DaysPublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf:
D.19Participation in a conferencePublic Deliverable 1.0 :pdf: